I Understand, But...

I understand what you are saying in the intro paras (above the sample letter) but the phasing is a little awkward eg para

1 "anyone else", para 2 "quoting" & "quotations" in the same sentence. The letter 1. Not "condolence about" - "condolences on"

2. Saddened to hear about her untimely death - it may not have been untimely, there needs to be a couple of options here covering illness, accident, old age etc

3. Para 2 is nice, hits the right note.

4. para 3 support not supports, otherwise another good para.

5. Last para goes over the top a bit - calling anytime for anything is rather too generous.

Also, a wandering full stop in the middle of the last sentence should not be there. It is a sincere sounding letter, appropriate where you know the deceased or the bereaved well. It gives a place to start, one can then personalize it according to the situation.

As you say, finding the right words can be difficult and your template would be helpful. I would much rather have this as a starting point than a blank page.

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