I Will Never Forget You Or The Blueberry Patch

by Desiree
(Hubbard Co., MN)

For Patrick

For Patrick

I'll never forget you, or that series of stories that took place in the fictional blueberry patch, where we grew to know each other so well. You wrote them all for me, and when I think about it, my heart swells up with pride and love. I looked forward to each one. You are such a good writer.

We had our rough times. There must have been a reason we persevered and got through them. I am a shy and cautious person and it takes a lot for me to admit it was love.

A lot has happened since we met, not all of it good. We have endured illness, disappointment and the loss of loved ones. I don't know how I would have made it if I hadn't met you.

As for you? You once told me you were the rock that others depended on, but you had no one to confide in until you met me. I don't think you know how touched I was when you told me that. I almost cried.

We always had a place to go, you and I...the blueberry patch. The setting for the love stories you wrote for me. It's a place I will never forget.

And you're a person I will never forget. You taught me so much, awakened me to so many possibilities, gave me confidence in myself. These are the reason I can say that I love you.

You said I inspired you to write. Well, you inspired me to take up painting. I did this one for you, in honor of your celtic heritage. I do so hope you like it.


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