If I Found You I Would Tell You That I Still Love You.

by Hal Koffman
(Kansas City, Missouri, USA)

I Heart You

I Heart You

Here's what the writer had to say about this letter to his love..."If I found you I would tell you that I still love you. And although I can't say that I love you more than life itself, I can say that my life is not complete without you by my side". Now read and enjoy the rest of it!


Hi Lost One;

I loved you and you loved me in return. What a wonderful feeling of enchantment that was. Even though it has been twenty years since our time in Florida, I have never stopped loving you.

You always stood by me when I needed a friend, as well as a lover. Also, you always expressed your love for me with warmth, kindness and good deeds.

I never expected to fall so hard on the first night I met you, but I did!

I always wonder what would have been if I had stayed at home that night. Would I have met you another time and would you still have been emotionally available for me?

If ever you do not feel loved just think of me and know that my love for you is eternal.

Although we did not always share the same interests, or even the same friends, we had a special bond. Our connection was rooted in our feelings for and about each other and nothing ever had the power to change that.

When you had your little rendezvous I was really upset...as you well know. Of course, that is pretty much what ended our relationship. However, my love for you did not cease to exist - even though we ceased to exist as partners.

Love is a funny thing. It was easier to love in the first place, than to have kept our relationship strong so that we could have continued to share our love.

Many times over the years I have thought about you and thought how nice it would be if we were together again, but have lost track of your whereabouts. So if you happen to read this letter you will know that it is from me to you.

I can't say that I love you more than life itself, but I can say that my life is not complete without you by my side. I'll carry on each day as I have been, keeping you in my thoughts, and should we meet again I will simply say: "I love you, Lost One!" I love you!"

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