Imperfection Makes Perfect Love

Imperfection Makes Perfect Love isn't your typical love letter and it actually sounds like the couple may not even like each other well, but by the time you finish it you'll know it for what it really is...a story of an enduring love.

Imperfection Makes Perfect Love; Long Love Letters

My Dear Lover,

We met partying, not under the most "romantic" of conditions, had our first kiss dancing to house music and partying at your house later that evening led to the next kiss... which led to what we have now.

We don't have much in common, yet we crave each others attention the way a thirsty person needs water. And if I had to describe you I'd say you're selfish, spoiled, and completely ignorant of life.

Likewise, your opinions about me don't lag too far behind. You've called me bratty several times and always mention how I always want things to go my way.

You're jealous and you don't want any other guy to even have a slight bit of my attention, and even though I hide it I'm the same way.

I know this doesn't sound like a love letter, but I'd like to place our differences aside and acknowledge the fact that our relationship is unique.

It may not be a fairy tale, but I enjoy every second of it. I enjoy the fights, the kisses and the embraces that are followed by more fights. Fights about absolutely nothing because we're drunk, fights that lead to making up and making love.

You ask me why I'm into you and the reason is because even though we have nothing in common, even though our lives go in complete opposite directions, and even though we can never have a serious conversation Id rather be with you than do absolutely anything else.

Being in your arms brings me warmth. Kissing your lips causes an eruption of butterflies in my stomach, and just knowing that you want me takes my breath away.

I'm not ready to tell you I love you because that is something I simply have never done. Plus, I simply don't know if it's love that I feel, but I do know that I want you and I want you a lot!

Leaving your house at 3 AM to go back home after embracing you all night leaves me feeling empty deep inside, and all I want to do is come back to lay back in bed with you and fit my body in between your arms and forget the world around us.

I want to forget the fight, but not settle down, and keep things fun.  We're too young to settle down. Well, at least I am. 

Now the question is why do you keep coming after me after all our fights? Do you also see something in us that can last?

Here's to hoping that you do.

Truly Yours,

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