Initial Notice of Balance Discrepancy

Initial Notice of Balance Discrepancy - Is the credit card balance the company has on record just not adding up to your personal calculations?

Then you're in need of a sample letter such this to address the discrepancy.

Discussions of possible discrepancies with your finances can very easily go sour.

Eliminate that possibility by using the template provided below to dispute the issue in an affable manner.

Use this letter to initiate the discrepancy process.

Open a line of communication with the proper department and this could be the first step to a quick resolution.


Dear __________,

In your letter dated __/___  /___ , you have indicated that my current balance in the above referenced account is $______. 

Since this amount does not agree with my records, I am preparing an accounting to find the discrepancy.

Unfortunately, my accountant still has all of my 1986 cancelled checks which were delivered to him for the preparation of my 1986 tax return. 

I have made arrangements for these checks to be returned to me and should have a reconciliation ready for your review within the next ten days.

Once I am satisfied with the accuracy of the accounting, I will forward a letter, with any required documentation, to your attention.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.


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