It Gets Cold Here Without You

Sweet Darling Angela

Sweet Darling Angela

It's been about 2 days now, and every hour seems like an eternity. Still, your presence in this room lingers and I can scarcely recall a moment in the past long hours that I haven't wanted you here beside me...looking at me with those beautiful windows of your soul.

I'm mad about you. It's as if I've traded my sanity--the fullness of my logic and reasoning--for all that is you. My days seem shorter and filled with purpose.

It's summer now, and the temperature has risen quite a bit, but somehow when you're away there is a chill in my bones, a hollow ache in my heart.

I wish I could go with you, wherever you may be now, on the train still, or at the office; it doesn't matter so long as I'm near you.

Three months apart seems impossible...I may crack to lonliness and need to come see you straightaway. And if I do please do not be angry with me for it.

I love you, with all that I am and all that I ever will be. Please don't forget that. See you in my dreams.

Yours Eternally,

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