It's Good, But Could Be Shorter/Sweeter

I personally find this to be a well written and well thought out letter. Although, had I been the one to have written it, I would of kept it shorter.

I feel as if, even though you are using more words to describe your feelings, a shorter letter would be more direct and to the point.

I understand that the extra text praising her as a person is meant to be comforting, but I feel as if that text simply makes the person receiving the letter miss their lost one more by triggering memories.

Lastly I would remove the words "in closing" in the last paragraph of the letter, it makes it seem to formal as if you're writing a business letter or something.

Lanard's Response: You make good points...all of them. I'm not sure when I'll revise the letter, but when I do I'll be guided by your feedback. Thanx.

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