It's Never Easy

by Bridgett
(Cincinnati, Ohio, United States)

My third year in high school left me dealing with the suicide of my sister's boyfriend of three months. I had no idea as to broach the subject with her, resulting in an awkward but heartfelt attempt to write a condolence letter.

Despite my feelings of inadequacy and my fumbled attempts at sympathy, my sister appreciated the gesture. In fact, the letter itself served as a way for her and I to break the barrier of grief and to talk about the death of one of her closest friends. Here is a copy of my clumsy attempt to console her in her time of need:



I know that I have been unable to address the death of a person close to your heart. Please remember that you have and will always have my deepest and most heartfelt condolences regarding the death of Ryan. Despite my prior less than agreeable feelings for him, I was upset to hear about his untimely death. He was much too young and promising to fall victim to such a fate, and I never wanted you to feel such pain in your lifetime.

As you know, I went through a similar experience only a year ago with my best friend, and while it may not seem like it, I know exactly what you feel right at this moment. If you ever need someone to talk to about Ryan, know that I am always at your disposal. I know how much you cared for him, and please know that what happened is in no way your responsibility.

Although I know you to be an emotionally strong person, please know that I am here for you no matter what during this hardest of times. I am your big sister, there to support no matter the difficulty.

With Deepest Sympathy,

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