Job Reference Letter

Need a Job Reference Letter? Here's not one, but seven unique examples that are likely to be of interest to you.  Scan the titles below, then click on the links to read the letters.

Negative Response to Job Application - telling someone they didn't get the job is a hard thing to do. It's tough being the bearer of bad news, but someone's got to do it. If that happens to be you this letter can show how to do it with tact and decency.

Job Applicant Education Verification Cover Letter - do you do background reference checks on job applicants? If you do you'll find this reference letter a big time saver.

Letters of Recommendation for Jobs - from time to time I have occasion to interview different people for different jobs, and usually it's via a competitive process. However, there are times when an applicant's references are as important as their skills and abilities. This letter tells more.

Letter of Reference for Jason Wilson - sometimes hard working, deserving employees come up short of being considered qualified candidates for certain jobs - despite their skills. In some of those instances a reference letter secured from key persons can be the difference being getting serious consideration for the job, or not.

Job Interview Thank You Letter - although jobs are rebounding, there's still plenty of competition. For example, I recently started interviewing for a position in which there were more than 200 applicants. In a situation like this a clear path to distinguishing yourself from candidates is to send thank you letters after your interview. Learn more about it.

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