Job Resignation Letter - I Wasn't Looking For a Job

by Paul
(Studio City, CA)

I wasn’t looking for a new job, but an opportunity presented itself that was just too good to pass up. The bottom line was money, and I knew my current company couldn’t match the offer.

Dear Linda,

I can’t tell you how difficult it is to write this letter, but I must. I thought I was going to spend many more years with Yourcompany, and I had no intention of ever resigning. I was going to stay as long as you’d have me.

However, a new job with Theircompany presented itself, and my reason for leaving is simple: They made an offer that is impossible to pass up. My resignation is effective March 1, 2010. I insisted they let me stay a few weeks, so that I can train a replacement, should you want me to do so.

I’ve been with Yourcompany long enough to know that there is no point of putting you in the uncomfortable and impossible position of asking you to match Theircompany’s offer.

Please know that I am aware of the irony that, without my years at Yourcompany, this offer would have never been made. I hope it’s some consolation for you to know that Yourcompany’s reputation and training made me a valuable commodity to Theircompany.

My consolation is knowing we will not be competing with you. That would have been impossible for me.

I wish you continued success, and thank you for the great years we spent together. I’m not disappearing, just moving elsewhere; and will always have you in my heart.

Your Name

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