Katie Goes To College

by Katie Dobson
(Gainesville, FL)

Katie The Graduate

Katie The Graduate

Years ago, when I was putting all of my heart and soul into my admittance into the University of Florida, I knew that I had to obtain excellent recommendation letters.

I first asked my Guidance Counselor. I made this decision because he of all people knew how hard I had worked toward goals and how I often pressed him to aid me in achieving them.

I then went to the teacher who knew me best: my mentor, sports coach and the teacher of the subject in which I had the highest aptitude (English). In addition to my guidance counselor, she too knew of my perseverance and had molded me along the way into the best student I could be.

Finally, I requested a recommendation from my Student Counsel teacher. I made my leadership skills and individuality evident to him throughout my years on the counsel and I knew he would have no trouble in conveying that to the board at UF.

I feel strongly that the three people I asked were the optimum choices. They represented the culmination of all of my skills and it paid off: I was accepted into the University of Florida, and I graduated in 2007.

Their recommendation letters made a difference.

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I Remember,Too; But Vaguely
by: Lanard

Your story reminded me of when I was in college and about to graduate with my BA Degree in hand, with dreams of going to Law School.

I was nowhere near the smartest student in my class, but I had put together a string of semesters of good grades and even better relationships with my professors. Still, I felt pretty special when all of them that I approached willingly wrote glowing personal reference letters of recommendations recommending me for Law School admission.

The short of a long story is that I was accepted, and to this day believe it was on the strength of their character reference letters. It sure as heck wasn't based on just my grades and LSAT scores.

So, I too am keenly aware how influential good reference letters can be and still have a great of respect for the professors who helped make the experience possible.

:)The Connections We Make
by: Anonymous

It's always refreshing when the connections we make with counselors, mentors, and teachers move them to go above and beyond in aiding in your academic endeavors. What will be even more refreshing, is when those same connections encourage those same correspondence for further recommendation.

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