Landlord Reference Letter Sample

A Landlord Reference Letter Sample isn't something that you use often. Consequently, it may be difficult and time consuming to write a good one on

demand. However, a sample letter like the one below makes it easy to write one when you need to.

At least it does for me, as I find it hard to write a new letter of any kind from a blank sheet of paper.

I know that it might all be in my head, but for me a bad template is better than no template at all.

To Whom it May Concern:

Please be informed that [applicant] has been a tenant of [firm name] since [date]. During that time she has been a good tenant in that she always kept her apartment neat and clean, was considerate of her neighbors and paid her rent on time.

In many ways [applicant] is the ideal tenant and if you give her an opportunity and rent to her I think you'll agree.

In closing, please feel free to call me at [phone] if you'd like additional information regarding her desirability as a tenant in one of your properties.

Your name

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