Late Payment Cover Letter Alternate

Think you would never use this Late Payment Cover Letter Alternate? Well, let’s not be to hasty.  This kind of cover letter template can be the 

difference in paying a hefty fine for tardiness and getting a slide and polite smack on the wrist.  

Picture this...surprise expense number one, the main water pipe explodes.

Unexpected expense number two, two belts on the car give way. And the last pop-up expense that manages to all but break the bank, the family computer completely crashes.

Looks like that charge card payment to the department store is going to be tardy to the party.

Still think you can’t use this letter?

These matters are still taken upon by human beings, with human feelings, so try it out and see what happens!


Dear __________,

Enclosed is our payment in the amount of _______[amount] which should clear up any balance in our account with you.

We are very sorry that it has taken such a long time to remit our payment to you and we hope that you will understand that we have been experiencing some extremely difficult cash flow problems.

We are happy to inform you, however, that we are now on the road to recovery and anticipate a good year.

Thank you for your understanding and the courteousness you have shown our company during this rough period.

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