Late Payment Cover Letter

Late Payment Cover Letter.  If you've ever been late making payments you know the anxiety it can create.  Is your creditor going to automatically 

charge late fees and raise your interest rates, or will they give you the benefit of the doubt and not jack you up?

The good news is you can be proactive about this and we can help! 

This Late Payment sample cover letter, while it won't be able to undo the debt due, it might be just the tool you need to save you from additional fees associated with tardy payments.

If sent early on, the hope is that it help iron things out before it comes to penalties or even litigation.


Dear _________,

Enclosed is our payment in the amount of __[amount]__ which should clear up any balance in our account with you.

We are very sorry that it has taken such a long time to remit our payment to you and we hope that you will understand that we have been experiencing some extremely difficult cash flow problems. 

We are happy to inform you, however, that we are now on the road to recovery and anticipate a good year.

Thank you for your understanding and the courteousness you have shown our company during this rough period.


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