Late Return Authorization

Use this Late Return Authorization template to satiate all your customer service needs. This letter will alert your valued customer to the

current standing return policy your company holds to. 

However, luckily for your customer, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! 

This form states the exception for a particular circumstance, or set of circumstances.

Making exceptions to the rules shows flexibility and consideration on behalf of your company.

Many consumers still value this in the companies they purchase from and support.

A letter such as this also offers the customer a chance to return the defective merchandise in full.


Dear _________,

This is to acknowledge your letter of _[date]_ , in which you informed us that the merchandise delivered to you on _[date]_ was defective.

If you will read our terms and conditions for sale, you will note that our policy provides our customers with _[time]_ to inspect and either accept or reject our merchandise in regards to defects, inasmuch as we feel this affords our customers an adequate period of time to be assured that the merchandise is free from defects. 

Since this is the first time you have made this request of us, we will accept the return of the merchandise and issue a credit to your account in the amount of $_____.

Please [instructions for return of merchandise].

We are sorry that you experienced a problem with our product and appreciate having your firm as one of our valued customers.


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