Lay it all out

To the Human Resource Department of Community Support Services:

I am a writer and former teacher looking to secure a career of longevity. I have many professional goals and they all center around a desire to contribute to my community. Encouraged by one of your most loyal employees, Sarah C. Vance, I am applying for the Social Service Coordinator position posted on the BoCC and ACLD website.

After reading the position summary I am confident that I can prove to be a great asset both to the community and to your work force. While the majority of my professional experience is in retail (sales, customer service, stocking and replenishment) I have several years of experience working with children and by association their families.

While attending Florida State University I held several part time jobs either in retail or providing primary care for my friend's and classmates' children. Once I completed my degree in English and moved back to Gainesville, my good friends Kasia and Richard chose me to be the nanny for their their first son. I have been blessed with friends and people in this community that have entrusted me to contribute in the rearing of their children.

Enclosed with this letter you will find my resume that will give you a broader view of my work history and accomplishments. Passionate, hard-working and loyal are how my fellow coworkers, classmates, friends and family will describe me. I am confident in knowing should you grant me an interview for this position, you will find me a more than adequate addition. I am eager to work, hungry to learn and equipped to handle any task beset. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for this consideration and thank you for your time.

Tiesha R. Perry

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