Let's Get Joe into Cornell

by Pennie Lee
(Iowa City, Iowa USA)

Cornell College Campus

Cornell College Campus

I am a high school counselor writing to Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa to help Joe Ashbacher for acceptance into this prestigious private 4 year college. Cornell College has the Liberal Arts Programs Joe is seeking in addition to over 100 clubs and activities that Joe enjoys adding to his scholastic time.

To Whom it May Concern:

Hello, I am an Iowa City High School Counselor assisting Joe Ashbacher, an impressive and industrious student in his primary choice of colleges. Joe has chosen the esteemed Cornell College for his 4 year studies of Liberal Arts.

Although the University of Iowa is right here in town and Joe would be admitted instantly, he respectfully requests to be considered as a selection into your reputable Liberal Arts Program.

I’ve known Joe his full 4 years at Iowa City High School. He maintains high scholastic standings as you can see in his transcripts. Additionally, Joe enjoys a high level of school spirit and joins clubs and activities that are interesting to him. He is genuinely conscientious about every challenge he takes on and shines with success in everything I see him do.

Therefore, please accept this letter as containing my special attention to Joe Ashbacher and his achievements. I highly recommend him into your selection process for the fall term of 2011. Joe desires high success and I believe Cornell College and he will be a great match.


Pennie Lee
Iowa City High School

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