Letter Canceling Unfilled Order

Letter Canceling Unfilled Order - So, the Elephant Tumblers weren’t quite the big seller you thought they would be.

Maybe the Fuzzy Pink Shirts didn’t walk off the shelves but just sat and sat in your warehouse. 

If either of those situations sound like your issue, you could use a Letter Canceling Unfilled Order form like this one. 

Stock what you need and leave the rest out of your storage space! 

This sample letter takes care of orders you or your company no longer desires or has need of quickly and easily.


Dear ____________,

Our customer has informed us that she can wait no longer for the merchandise we ordered from you on   _[date]_  .

We are therefore cancelling our purchase order #_____, which was contingent on delivery prior to   _[date]_  .

Under the circumstances, we are certain that you will understand the necessity of our cancelling this order.


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