Letter For Boyfriend - My Soul Speaks to You

Love - when I look at you, I see Heaven. I see everything that is right in a world that is so wrong. I see joy and hope and warmth and endless possibilities. I see when we first met, when we first met our child, when we first fell in love.

Every day you remind me that even when things seem dark or hopeless, I always have someone to turn to that will make it seem alright. You and I have been through the darkest of times and even when it seemed that all hope was lost, we managed to survive. We are an unbreakable team, the best of friends, comrades, and lovers.

I am so very thankful to have met you, for you have given me things I could have never even dreamed of. Our material gains are irrelevant - I only speak of the spiritual, the passionate, the intellectual, and the memories. We have broken the rules of what people like us should be doing and have surpassed all expectations. Together, you and I are stronger than we would be apart. Together, we build each other up. Together, we are stronger. Together, we are better. We complement each other, we fill in where the other has a flaw, we fit together like a puzzle, each completing where the other was left open and jagged.

I know we are different. I know we come from such different backgrounds and places. But none of that matters. Our bond goes beyond this world - it is a link within our souls that binds us. Our spirits are compatible, they speak to each other in a language outside of our own. Like the cycle of life and death, how two opposites can feed one another to keep a beautiful, tragic symmetry, as are we. Two tragedies that manage to complete each other and create something everlasting. Forever intertwined, forever in love.

This letter is only a fraction of my feelings for you , a slight glimmer of the real light that you bring to my heart, for words cannot express the love you fill me with. Every time I see your face, hear your laugh, smell your scent, it brings me to a place I surely cannot call Earth.
Thank you for giving me all that you have. I could not ask for more from you. I love you so very much, always and forever.

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