Letter of Personal Reference

A Letter of Personal Reference is written for many reasons, but most notably for seeking employment.  And an effective one can mean the

Letter of Personal Reference

difference between getting the job, or not. However, if you don’t write a reference letter often (and who does?) chances of coming up with the right words in the right order are can be a daunting task.

If this describes you have a couple of choices; 1) you can either use a reference letter sample as a guide to writing your own, or 2) you can use the 5 Step process like the one below.With it you can write an excellent reference letter in 10-15 minutes.

5 Steps To a Perfect Letter of Personal Reference

Step One. If you're writing a letter for someone get as much personal information as you can from them (hobby's, interests, work experience, ties to the community, etc.) as well as a clear understanding about the purpose of the letter.  This information will help you craft a targeted letter specific to their need. 

On the other hand, if you want someone to write a letter for you begin by asking someone you know well. Why? Because a close, personal friend or professional associate will know you well enough to describe your strengths, whereas someone who doesn’t know you well won’t know nearly as much about you.

Step Two. Write objectively. Write about the positive traits and attributes of the person, but avoid negative ones. However, keep it real and don’t exaggerate, as the accolades may appear to be false and hyped up for the purpose of being intentionally misleading.

Step Three. Be brief and to the point. Don’t be wordy. Instead, make your points in as few words as possible. Improve your chances of your personal reference letter being read by making sure that things are clearly stated, concise and to the point.

Step Four. Include contact information at the end of the letter. Doing so will make it easy for the reader/ recipient to contact you. Sometimes it might be to clarify something you wrote, while other times it might simply be to talk to the person who wrote the letter to get more information.

Step Five. Finally, you can always start a personal reference letter by looking for free templates and sample letters, like those found here.

Summarily, the whole process of writing a personal reference letter can be done in a matter of minutes from start to finish with this five step process, or reference letter sample.

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