Letter of Recommendation For College

This sample Letter of Recommendation For College is an easy read. It's straight to the point, but extols the virtues of the person being recommended in a meaningful and compelling way. If I was on an evaluation committee and received this letter I'd be inclined to accept the person based on the letter alone. Enjoy!


To The Admissions Office:

As a Director of Charlotte Charity Community Center I work closely with many of the community volunteers. It is in that capacity that I met Lisa Louis.

I consider Lisa to be one of the most studious and responsible members of our organization and after three years time I have come to know her well and would like to recommend her as a candidate for your undergraduate business program.

Lisa's leadership and organizational skills have been invaluable to our programs, most of which have been started from the ground up. In my opinion, her unwavering devotion to his community exemplifies strong moral fiber and character.

In conclusion, Lisa Louis is a fine, trustworthy individual and would be an excellent candidate for your business school.


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