Letter of Recommendation for Jobs

Letter of Recommendation for Jobs. With outsourcing, downsizing and rightsizing people are still competing for limited job opportunities.

Letter of Recommendation for Jobs

More specifically, one labor statistic report indicates the Unemployment Rate was 4.9% at the end of 2016 and 7.5 million people were unemployed. So, what has this to do with you?

For one, jobs don't always go to the most qualified person. Instead, they sometimes go to people who are connected; somebody who happens to know somebody with influence in the hiring process, etc.

And recommendation letters provide opportunities for you to show who, of influence, you know. Think a letter from a judge will have a favorable impact on your ability to find a job, even if you're not working in the legal field? You bet it will!

Still, if you're an accountant applying for an accountant position a more refined strategy is to have a letter of recommendation for jobs from an influential accountant in your area. An employment consultant says, "The job often goes to the most effective job seeker and in my mind that includes someone who includes impressive recommendation letters with their application packets.

Letter of Recommendation Template. The best approach to use when  you need a letter, to write or receive, is to use a sample letter to work from, as most people don't know how to write good letters. This template has three simple, but important elements; a first, second and third paragraph. I'm not kidding - it's a simple template, but what you say in those three paragraphs is super important.

Three Sample Recommendation Letters.  Here's a link to three sample letters. Two of them are geared to everyday people like you and me, and you and the third one is a letter of written for a student trying to get into college.

To increase your chances of finding work you must be adaptable. It is unlikely that you will find a job that has everything you are looking for. And if you already have a job you need to learn to be content with employment that is less than ideal. Being adaptable may mean exercising patience and overcoming prejudice against certain types or work.

Finally, you should be willing to accept any suitable work that does not compromise your values. By using these suggestions you will have an advantage over the majority of others who are competing with you in an increasingly competitive job market. Having a letter of recommendation for jobs from influential people are helpful, too.

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