Letter Of Recommendation For Susan Kay

Dear Mr. Smith;

My name is Beth Matthews, the Sales and Marketing Manager at Development Bank. I am writing this letter to recommend Susan Kay as the Assistant Sales and Marketing Manager in your bank, Barclays Bank.

Susan joined this bank three years ago as an assistant sales manager and through the years she has proved to be a very dedicated employee in the bank. Susan is competent, efficient and a go-getter who was able to achieve over and above what was expected of her by the bank. Not only was she result-oriented, she was and still is open-minded and ready to take up new challenges to ensure that the sales targets of the bank were met.

Additionally, Susan gave the bank the best sales volume in bank products by identifying ways to increase the sales during her tenure at the bank thus, earning increased revenues to the bank. She also played a great role in increasing our customer base by convincing more people to join this bank because of her attitude and sharp sales skills.

For all the above mentioned reasons, I will not hesitate to recommend her to you because she is a valuable asset to any organization that she will work for, including your bank.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss further details about Susan’s capabilities and qualifications that are in accordance with your banks’ overall goals. I invite you to get in touch with me through this number 0111516000000 for any further queries.

Best Regards,
Beth Matthews

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