Letter of Recommendation Template

A good Letter of Recommendation Template has three simple, but important elements; a first, second and third paragraph. That's it - really.

Letter of Recommendation Template

In the first paragraph you should tell who you are, but don't spend a lot of time talking about yourself, as the letter isn't about you. Then describe whom you are recommending and what you are recommending them for. Remember, a good reference can be the difference in getting that new job, or not.

In the second paragraph you should give details about the qualities of the person that you are writing about...and give specific examples. You should know personally them and be familiar with their work history, credentials, and career aspirations. Be sure to ask for this information if you need it

Finally, sum things up in the third paragraph with broad characterizations of the person you're recommending. Then, go for the gusto and mention your recommendation. Ultimately, writing a recommendation letter for someone is a huge responsibility and getting everything just right is important.

Letters Written Using our Three Step
Letter of Recommendation Template

A+ Classroom With Ms. Wolfe 
Below are reflections from an anonymous writer about a former teacher. While it is not a conventional letter it has some of the positive qualities that …   

Free Letter of Recommendation Template   
Here's what you need to know to write a great recommendation letter - every time...in 3 EZ Steps.  If you're struggling to write one for someone, hopefully this will help.

Free Sample Letter of Recommendation 
Below is a well written Free Sample Letter of Recommendation. Use it "as is" or feel free to modify it to your specific needs.

Graduate School Here She Comes! 
This letter of reference is written for an undergraduate student who is applying to a graduate school program. It is actually very similar to a letter …

Great Customer Service Means Happy Customers!  
Dear Mrs. Mercer; My name is Steve Bauer and I have worked front line customer service for ten years. I am writing to recommend you consider Alyssa …

Katie Goes To College 
Years ago, when I was putting all of my heart and soul into my admittance into the University of Florida, I knew that I had to obtain excellent recommendation …

Letter of Reference for Greta Fox, LMFT 
A friend and former co-worker of mine (fictitiously referred o as Greta Fox) was trying to get a job at a local counseling center and asked for my help. …

Letter Of Recommendation For Susan Kay 
Dear Mr. Smith; My name is Beth Matthews, the Sales and Marketing Manager at Development Bank. I am writing this letter to recommend Susan Kay as the …

Letter of Recommendation For Human Service Worker 
This letter of reference is written for someone in the human services field who is looking for employment as a case manager. It is written from the perspective …

Letter of Recommendation For Jane Chen 
This letter of recommendation is written by a former employer for a nanny. The relationship between the two is assumed to be cordial and lasted for several …

Letter to Recommend Ben for a research/teaching assistant to his Professor 
My friend Ben wanted me to help him get a job with his favourite professor this year. He's trying to get a really relevant on-campus job because his last …

New Graduates and Letters of Recommendation 
I finished my degree in April 2009 and it was not the most fortunate time to enter the workforce. With little experience, I needed all the help I could …

Personal Recommendation Letter  
A personal recommendation letter from a friend, coworker or former boss can be the difference in getting a job, or not; being admitted into college, or …

Recommendation Vs Qualification 
A friend of mine, a Post Graduate in business administration, was looking for a lucrative job. He had good contacts with the professors and Heads of the …

Restaurant Manager Gets Stellar Letter From Former Boss and Mentor 
Here's a letter of recommendation written for a restaurant day shift manager who relocated to a new city. He was an excellent employee who worked his way …

Sample Recommendation Letter; Easily Motivated and Confident Individual 
The following Sample Recommendation Letter is from one coworker to another. It's a great temple to model all recommendation letters after.

Sneaky Boss 
After five years of living and breathing my job I decided it was time for a change. I'd been instrumental in bringing the company into the 20th century …

Student Recommendation Letter Samples - You need to write a letter for a student...like yesterday. So, what do you do?  You use one of these.

The Fool's Errand 
A professor of mine asked me to write a letter of recommendation for her. She was applying for her doctorate at the university. At first, ...

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