Letter of Recommendation To Hire Bubba Smith

by Anonymous

Bubba Knows How To Flip Burgers!

Bubba Knows How To Flip Burgers!

Dear Mr. Marshall,

I have known Bubba Smith since he was born. His parents have always lived next door, so I am very familiar with a variety of aspects of his life. Because he has worked for me during the summer over the past five years, I know that I can heartily recommend him for the vacant position at your McDonald’s restaurant.

Bubba is a good cook. I know this because he’s cooked burgers and hot dogs every year on my gas grill. He and his parents come over all the time and he takes his cooking skills seriously. I know that cooking at McDonalds is a little different that on my grill, but the concepts are similar and I believe he will do well at it. I am glad that I can help you find a good worker and that I can help Bubba get a job.

I’ve already explained why I think Bubba is qualified to cook at your McDonald’s, but he has other skills that I have personally witnessed over the past few years. He is punctual. When he makes an appointment he is usually early. Whenever he works for me, he’s here well before hand, so he’s ready to get started as soon as he’s “on the clock.” He’s also a diligent worker. I have never heard him tell me “that’s not my job,” or “I don’t get paid to do that.” I believe his work ethic will set a good example for all the members of his team.

Without reservation, I recommend Bubbba Smith to the position at your restaurant. I am confident that you will discover the same outstanding qualities that I have appreciated for some time.

If you would like to discuss this letter or review some of my experiences with Bubba, please give me a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I’ll be glad to answer your questions to the best of my ability.

Joe Wilson.

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Best Free Sample Letter of Recommendation!
by: Lanard

Well - it's one of the best...and it's a letter of recommendation about a teenager flipping burgers for goodness sake.

I never thought that a recommendation letter for a teenager to work at McDonald's would do so well, but it has.

Why? I don't know and may never be able to say for sure, but maybe it's simply because it's just a well written letter.

I guess the moral of this comment is if you need a good sample letter of recommendation you need to read "Bubba's".

Refernce Letter For Flipping Burgers
by: Anonymous

This is a great letter for any industry, but especially for food services. It's easy to give a lot of attention to writing reference letters for white collar type positions, but I've not seen one written so well for someone who'll be starting out flipping burgers! Good luck Bubba!

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