Letter of Reference for Jason Wilson


A very dear friend of mine had been working at the same retail store for 10 years when the company declared bankruptcy. He made the mistake of taking management's responsibilities without the title and that made it very hard for him to find a management position at another store. He faced numerous rejections for lower positions because he was "too qualified". Without the title to put on his resume however, he wasn't able to even get a second look from any employers for a higher position. This reference letter helped him land a great job!

To whom it may concern,

Jason Wilson has been a close friend of mine since we were juniors in high school. I have witnessed his personal, academic, and career growth throughout these years. I frequently and consistantly saw him set and achieve goals both in his life, and at his job. I highly recommend him for your managenment position.

Jason held his previous position for 10 years and was a stellar employee. He is puntual, driven, enthusastic, passionate, and truly enjoys assisting customers. Over those 10 years he won numerous awards, received countless accolades, and was liked enough by customers to be requested by name.

Jason increased sales, improved loss provention, and created new ways to help motivate his coworkers to achieve company goals. He introduced new training that assisted and increased employee's knowledge of the company products. He was always available to help cover a coworkers shift or work extra hours when it was needed.

I am confident that Jason could fill this position at your company and both assist you in meeting your company's current goals and help you improve your company's goals and standards in the future. He can help you improve company morale, sales, and customer satisfaction.

I highly recommend Jason for this position. I am positive that he will prove to you that he is an asset to your company and a valuable addtional to your work force.


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