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Below is a Letter of Reference Template that describes five elements of great letters; plus, sample letters that were written using it.

Letter of Reference Template

Reference Letters are written for many reasons, but most notably for recommendations for employment... and effective ones can mean the difference between getting the job or not.

But there's a catch. If you don’t write them often (and who does?) chances of writing one that will fulfill the need - meaning it'll help the person get the job - can be frustrating. 

So, as I see it, you have two choices.  Fortunately, both of are equally appealing. You can 1) use the sample reference letters as guides to write your own, or 2) use the 5 Step Template below. Either way will result in good to great letters. 

Letter of Reference Template  5 Steps To Great Letters

Letter of Reference Template
- Write Great Letters in 5 Easy Steps...Evey Time

Here's the template. With it you can't help but to write a great letter...and doesn't the person you're writing the letter for deserve that...your best effort? Now you can actually over-deliver and provide something extraordinary by following these steps.

Step One. Someone's asked you to provide them with a personal reference letter. That's great. Chances are you know them pretty well, which is why they asked you.  If not though, ask them to provide you with some details about themselves so that you can make it highly personalized. 

You're likely to know a close personal friend or professional associate well enough to describe their them without the additional information, but with someone who don’t know as well you might need the additional information in order to provide them with a meaningful reference.

Step Two. Write objectively. Write about the positive traits and attributes of the subject, but leave out the negative ones.  However, keep it real. Don’t exaggerate, as the accolades may appear to be false in the eyes of the recipient of the letter. 

Step Three. Be brief and to the point. Don’t be wordy. Instead, make your points in as few words as possible.  Improve your chances of your personal reference letter being read by making sure that things are clearly stated, concise and to the point.  

Step Four. Include contact information at the end of the letter.  Doing so will make it easy for the reader/ recipient to contact you. Sometimes it might be to clarify something you wrote, while other times it might simply be to talk to the person who wrote the letter to get more information.    

Step Five.  Finally, you can always start a reference letter by looking for free templates and sample letters, like those found here.

Summarily, the whole process of writing a personal reference letter can be done in a matter of minutes - from start to finish - with our Five Step Letter of Reference Template. Now, let's look at a couple of sample reference letters that were written using this template.

Letter of Reference Template - Sample Letter #1

To Whom This May Concern:

It is my privilege and honor to write this letter of recommendation in support of my dear friend Tiesha Perry. I’ve known Tiesha for almost ten years, as we furthered our education at Florida State University.

Over the years I’ve witnessed her tremendous growth and development as she has become a wonderful model citizen. Tiesha’s work ethics are truly rare to say the least, because she puts her all into any task, assignments, or projects delegated to her, which would benefit any company’s workforce.

Tiesha is fully capable of leading as well, and if she sees the opportunity to step up, she will seize it without being called upon. Tiesha is a team player and would mesh well with your current employees seamlessly.

In short, I recommend Tiesha as your employee with absolute confidence and trust. She has made me proud in all she has accomplished thus far, and I am sure she will make you proud to have her as a part of your team.

Thank you for the opportunity of correspondence.

Wendell L. Wilson Jr.
Medical Software Analyst 

Letter of Reference Template - Sample Letter #2

Dear Mr. Williams,

Please accept this letter as an endorsement to hire Mr. James Smith for the Sales manager position with your company. 

James and I worked together at Executive Sales for almost 5 years. During that time I thoroughly enjoyed working with him, and got to know him as being an invaluable asset to the company. He is genuine, trustworthy, and unbelievably hard-working. Also, he’s also a very giving person who was always willing to assist his coworkers however he could. 

James' combined knowledge of sales and practical marketing experience was a huge advantage to our business. In fact, he put this skill-set to work for our company and helped us to grow our annual sales over the last 3 years.

In conjunction with his undeniable talent, James has always been an absolute joy to work with. Although he is aptly able to work independently, he is also a true team player who manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other employees.

So, it is for these and other reasons that I confidently recommend James for your team at High Five Foundation. As a dedicated and informed employee and an all-around great person, I know that he will be a beneficial addition to your organization, as he was to ours.

In closing, please feel free to contact me at 403-222-1396 if you would like to discuss his qualifications and experience. I 'd more than happy to expound on my endorsement.

Best Regards, 
[Your Name]

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That's it for now.  Thanks for dropping in.

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