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You never know when someone will ask you to write a Letter of Reference for them, but when they do you want to be prepared. Bookmark this page for those times when you want to write a good one fast...and share it with your friends, too. Enjoy! 

A Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation Shouldn't Be Boring.  Do you aspire to something greater than boring? Something interesting that's bound to grab the readers interest.  It's possible, you know...and here's how.

Character Reference Letter For Recognition. Need to provide a character reference letter for a friend, but don't have time to write it? Here you'll find a script and a sample reference letter that will save you the frustration of having to write one from scratch.  

Employment Reference Letter. Employment Reference Letter. I had been living in Coleman, Texas but recently moved to Cassville, Missouri following the stroke of my father-in-law …

Example of Personal Reference Letter. This personal reference letter is one of a collection of three letters, each letter has a different take on things.

Free Reference Letter Samples. Free reference letter samples can help you write ones unique to your special needs. They offer template letters for getting jobs, promotions, admitted into college, etc. Consequently, the weight of their importance is enough to make even the best writer struggle for the right words, a problem easily remedied with these templates.

Human Resource Assistant. Another sample letter that I like a lot is is this one. Like the letter above it was written using a six step format. So, when I say you can do it too, and do it easily I mean it! Below are other letters for your consideration.

Landlord Reference Letter Sample. Do you own rental property, or act as a rental agent for other property owners? If so, bookmark this landlord reference letter sample letter so that you'll have it when you need to verify a prospective tenant's rental history...and this letter of reference is a way to do it.

Letter of Personal Reference. Learn how to write a letter of personal reference with a reference letter sample, or with these 5 easy steps.  

Letter Samples for Character References. You can spend years learning to be a good writer, or use templates to attain the results you desire. This letter of reference is regarding someone who has applied for a job and the employer wants the letter recipient to provide a letter of reference.

Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation For Daniel. This Letter of Reference is employment related and was submitted by a website visitor after using the template previously mentioned.

Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation For Taran. This is another Letter of Reference written and submitted by a web site visitor.

Personal Character Reference Letter. A character reference letter focuses on an individual's personal, positive attributes. They're generally written by friends, neighbors or family members. So, as you might imagine, good things are included and bad ones aren't.

Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation. An employee is getting ready to resign, and has requested his firm to provide him with a personal reference letter of recommendation letter before he leaves. The firm agrees to it by writing this letter.

Personal Reference Letter Sample. The nation is in a recession and jobs are hard to find. A personal reference letter sample can help you generate one for your friends, or you cam ghost write it for them to you.

Sample Character Reference Letter. Hundreds of thousands of people are losing jobs every month. Consequently, character references are becoming increasingly important in finding new jobs. This sample character reference letter is a good template to use for letters you might need.  

Write a Character Reference Letter. A character by any other name is also called a reference, personal reference, personal character reference, etc. Consequently, if you're looking for a pre written one they may be more plentiful than you thought. You can start with this one.

You can write a Letter of Reference in six quick and easy steps! How? By following this Format For a Reference Letter. It lays out a step by step template for writing a letters that is easy to follow and complete. And the best part is you can write it without ever leaving our site.  You can even submit to our site so that other site visitors can benefit from it. Go there now if you're anxious to get started! 

Personal Reference Letter Sample - 3 Steps To Writing Great Reference Letters. More than 50 million people are unemployed in the United States right now. Still, a great reference letter is important in creating a competitive advantage in the job market and here are three important steps to consider.

Three Reasons To Use A Personal Reference Sample Letter
. Here's one of them; you can spend several hours researching and trying to come up with the right combination of words on your own, or immediately take advantage of existing ones.

Use Letter Samples for Character References - Make it Easy on Yourself. You have a choice; to be frustrated trying to write character references on your own, or cruising through the task of writing by using sample letters and templates. Want To See Even More Reference Letters?

Check out the ones below; or, leave a comment telling us if they were helpful, or not. Are they any good? Tell Us!

Want To See Even More Reference Letters?

Check out the ones below; or, leave a comment telling us if they were helpful, or not. Are they any good? Tell Us!

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Reference Letter - Recommending Andrew Walker 
Below is a Reference Letter for an individual working in a fire department. Currently he is a Second Lieutenant, but is looking for a promotion to Captain …

Letter of Reference Example 
This Example of a Reference Letter For Kelly Donald is a great template to use for writing recommendations for associates who are engineers. As such, …

Letter of Reference Template 
The Letter of Reference Template below regarding a Customer Service Representative position was submitted by a writer, much like you, who first reviewed …

Employment Reference Letter Sample 
The following Employment Reference Letter Sample can be used by anyone needing to write a quick reference letter. If time is of the essence and you …

Recommending Shayna White 
To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter to recommend Shayna White for admission into your Paramedic/Fire Technology program. I understand that …

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