Letter Order of Merchandise

At first you might think you would never have need for this Letter Order of Merchandise but you'd be wrong.

And with the soaring popularity of Internet shopping, you might be eating crow before long, as the majority of catalogues are being accessed online. 

But this letter is quite useful for your current Avon representative, or for your Cold Water Creek monthly order. 

It’s for those monthly orders that you make on a regular. 

Use this template to let your favored company aware of purchase desires.


Dear _____________,

Please send me the following items from your Springtime catalog:


  1 Freedom 5" Color TV  #ACI645   $299  (7.50)   $306.50


  1 Dog Race Analyzer    #WNW209   $ 50  (3.50)     53.50


                                       Total      $360.00


I am enclosing my check made payable to you in the amount of $372.25, which includes the cost of handling and shipping.  Thank you.


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