Letter to Customer Not Home for Service Appointment

This Letter to Customer Not Home for Service Appointment sample letter extends a personal touch in customer service. Time is an important  

factor when providing satisfactory customer service.

When a scheduled appointment has gone awry, leave a note like this sample. 

Customers that have missed their appointments due to unforeseen circumstances will want to know that a representative actually bothered to show up and, of course, will want to attempt to reschedule. 

This sample note provides just that! 

Give it a try and add it to your pull-log of short, useful forms.


Dear __________,

On [date] our serviceman came to your home to install your new    [product] and found that there was no one there. This was the date that we had arranged for installation, but I know that things like this can happen.

I would appreciate it if you will call me at [telephone], so that we can arrange a convenient time to have this work done for you.


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