Letter to Follow Up Duplicate Order

A Letter to Follow Up Duplicate Order for when your original order, for whatever reason, may have gone lost or misplaced.  You have made your order, sent in 

the paperwork and are patiently awaiting your purchase to arrive. 

Problem is, as the days tick by you have realized you haven’t even received a confirmation for the order. 

So did the order get made at all? 

Is it being fulfilled right now and soon out for delivery? 

You can find out and resolve the possible looming issue with this sample letter. 

This sample letter isn’t very much in length, but it really doesn’t need to be. 

It simply states that an order was made and no confirmation was received. 

If there was a mix up or omission in the order, a ‘duplicate’ order is requested. 

This will surely get the ball rolling for the order if it hasn’t yet been place or is otherwise stalled.


Dear _________,


On May 1st we ordered 100 copies of your book, "How to Write Successful

Business Letters", but we have not yet received an acknowledgment of

that order. 

As our first order may have gone astray, please consider this a duplicate.


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