Letter to Recommend Ben for a research/teaching assistant to his Professor

Reference Letter For a Research Assistant

Reference Letter For a Research Assistant

My friend Ben wanted me to help him get a job with his favourite professor this year. He's trying to get a really relevant on-campus job because his last assistant position was with a professor in another field. I changed their names for privacy.

Dear Dr. Murray;

My name is Natalie King and I am pleased to call Ben Meyers my friend. We attended college together and have remained close since graduating, despite living in different cities. He told me he has applied to be your research assistant this semester, and I want to support his proposal.

During college, Ben and I were in a few classes together, and our joint studying always helped me see a different way to take in and retain the information. His insight into readings helped me when I was stuck on several occasions. He never had any problem stretching his limited student budget to keep us both in sandwiches and coffee until I could pay him back. His writing and research clarify and lay out facts in a very readable, organized fashion.

In the summer, Ben took internships that he had very seriously. More than once, on a job he knew would not be permanent, he worked like he'd built the company with his bare hands. When he decided to continue on for his teaching degree, I knew he would be a wonderful teacher.

I would recommend Ben as your assistant because he's enthusiastic, smart, energetic and generous. When he takes on a task you can be sure he'll complete it with great results.I think you can trust him to make your project better with his input. He cares about students, both his peers and his advisees. Please feel free to contact me if you like. Thank you.

Natalie King

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this is wonderful
by: Anonymous

I recently had some of my friends write letters of recommendation for a teaching position. I was amazed (and a little abashed honestly) to read how highly my peers spoke of me. Like your letter, they included traits they appreciated in me as a friend as well as professional traits they thought would mak me an asset to the company. I applaud your letter, it's both personable and professional.

This Is a Great Letter of Recommendation Template
by: Anonymous

Natalie - if someone is looking for a Sample Recommendation Letter for a Graduate Student they'd do good by themselves to use this one. It's got an interesting mix of friend and professional coworker tone about it.

While some examples of recommendation letters are usable they're pretty boring. I've read this one a couple of times now and find it to be an interesting read every time. It's a great letter of recommendation template

I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a good template.

Thanks for sharing it.

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