Letters of Recommendation for Jobs

Letters of Recommendation for Jobs.  Have you ever underestimated the importance of Recommendation Letters?  

Sadly, I have...and I know others who have, too; much too our dismay. 

It's caused us to be overlooked, passed over ignored for jobs that we were otherwise qualified for. 

However, that doesn't have to happen to you, because by the time you finish reading this article you'll

1) know why job recommendation letters are important and respond accordingly, and

2) have access to sample letters to use as is, or to use as templates to write your own.


Because a few words from someone of importance will trump your qualifications nearly every time.  Often times the jobs don't necessarily go to the smartest person, but to the person who has the best references.  It's not necessarily fair, but it is often times the reality that job seekers face. 

Take for example the Letter of Recommendation for Jane Chen from Jackie, an attorney.   Jane nannies Jackie's kids and you can pretty much bet that Jane will be given greater consideration for her next nanny position with a reference from an attorney than you would with one from your neighbor or none at all.   

Sometimes, Letters of Recommendation are written by one coworker for another one, like the Sample Recommendation Letter for Jon, an Easily Motivated and Confident Individual.  A good recommendation letter can take a good deal of time to write, but sample letters like this one makes writing them a breeze.  Job Recommendation Letters are important because who you know and what they think of you are significant factors when you're looking for a job.

Before I close let me offer two more letters to use.  The first on, Reference Letter For a Research Assistant, was written for someone who applied for a research teaching assistant position, whose strength is not his paid work experience, but rather his unpaid internship and volunteer work experiences.  The second letter is a Personal Recommendation Letter for Sara, whose former employer wrote this nice recommendation letter to help Sara get a new job. 

Now, Sara hadn't worked for this particular employer, Kelly, for more than a year before she needed this letter.  Still, Kelly gave her a glowing recommendation.  It goes to stress the fact that you should never burn bridges when severing employment with an employer, because you never know when you'll need a recommendation letter from them. 

 In closing, many employers may require Letters of Recommendation for Jobs that you apply for.  So, be prepared in advance by having your letters already in hand and ready to be forwarded on short notice.

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