Letters of Sympathy

Here's one titled "Jenna, I Should have been different." It's about the death of a friend's mother during a time when the writer was immature, a little distant, and didn't know how to deal with her death. It's real ...here it is.


Dear Jenna,

I'm so sorry that your mother died, and that I wasn't the best friend I could've been. I know you loved her and that you were genuinely sad, and yet, because of my young mind, I treated it wrong.

Having my brother commit suicide the year prior, left me feeling emotionless to others pain. I became lost and indifferent to the deaths of family members of others. I did not know how to react as a sympathetic being when I found out about your mom.

You were one of my best friends, and even though that was almost 15 years ago, I still want to say that I am so sorry, not just because I was not sympathetic but seemingly apathetic, and because I didn't say the right things back then.

I hope you accept my sincerest apology.

I love you!

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