Long Love Letter; Learning to Love Again

by Starr
(Long Island, NY, USA)

My dearest Jojo,

Since we've met, I'm sure we can both admit the roller coaster ride has been tumultuous, but worthwhile. In my life, I haven't ever been in a situation where I'd be willing to make the concessions I have, happily. But you ware worth it.

In the beginning, we both worked hard to pretend the situation wasn't complicated. It wasn't completely unique, but for both of us, it was. Charting a new map of what was going to be workable for both of us, we jumped in with our eyes open, ready to swim.

We talked endlessly, like teenagers in love. Texting and emailing each other. Surprising each other with small talks of love. The gaze boundless and filled with possibility.

Time has passed and that passion for each other has not dwindled, it has merely transformed. As all relationships progress, the intensity of the romance develops, communication adjusts and expectations develop. Things seem carefree in the beginning regardless of how much effort you put in to assure that "bad" things don't happen.

Neither of us come to this relationship without scars or challenges. We have committed ourselves to being honest about them. We have worked hard to challenge each other in productive and meaningful ways that help us both grow as individuals. I think that despite the ups and downs, you and I have always come out ahead.

I have watched you change, from a guy who couldn't even accept a hug without permission to enter your space to a guy comfortably share kisses with me in public. You hold my hand and stare at me lovingly. You tell my son you love him.

I feel so fortunate for the love you and I share. It pushes me. It makes me angry sometimes, but never because I feel like we can't get through it, just because sometimes I want it to be easier. After much thought, ease doesn't seem like the solution. I feel the honesty of what all relationships look like, we have a special love for each other that is rarely touched.

We communicate about everything. You love me at my worst and best. We have both been there to lift the other up and that is worth everything.

Thank you for being the constancy in my life. The reason and partner that I have always looked for. You help complete my life in a way I didn't think possible.

I love you endlessly.

Yours fondly,

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