Love Letter From a Distance

by Joey Williams
(Harlan, KY)

This love letter is from the heart of a man that is far away from the woman he loves. They are a couple who has been having some relationship trouble due to the man’s many travels for work, and before he left, the woman was on the verge of packing her bags and leaving him.

The gentleman is in another country on business and he is without the services of a telephone. The time-period is early 1960’s, well before cell phones and other communication devices were invented; as people still wrote letters and sent them through the mail with frequency. This is him becoming vulnerable and wearing his emotions on his sleeve, hoping that she is still there when he gets home.


To My Loving Wife,

Within these walls I sit and reflect words we said to one another just before I left. I ponder the arguments and hateful words that came from my mouth with cruel intent...without hesitation.

I sit in this lonely room enclosed with nothing but my lonesome thoughts and my imagination started playing tricks on me. Without my approval, it dreamed up a scenario of me being without your gentle touch. It showed me a world short of having you whisper sweet nothings in my ear. I vividly saw dinners on Sunday afternoons where we were not around the same table. Believe it or not, I even saw you with another man’s hand clasped together with yours, just as mine has been for so many years.

I saw the whole thing just as plain as day, and as clear as blue sky without a cloud in sight. To say that it scared me to death would be selling it short by a thousand miles; but for the lack of a better term it did just that, it scared me to death.

You see, for me to picture life without you would be like picturing a rainbow without any color whatsoever, it would be like a body without its soul. I know things are not perfect between us sweetheart, but please, do not leave this king without his queen. I will prove to you that our love matters to me far more than my career.

I am quitting at the end of my trip. I will begin my termination letter as soon as I finish this one; you are my first priority and the only thing that I have that is worth living for. I plea to you to only leave your bags packed if I can come with you wherever you go. I'd rather be everywhere with you than any place without you.

With All My Love,
Your Husband

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