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Love Letters To Read

Dear Sweet Brandy,

I long to hear the sound of your voice again. I have not heard it for months, and each and every day that I don’t hear from you my heart beats a little slower. The longer I go without hearing it the greater the distance between us seems. I need to hear you speak so you can quench my heart’s terrible thirst for you, its Brandy.

I miss everything about you. Your beautiful smile, which is probably off brightening someone else's day. Your smooth lips surrounding that smile, always speaking sweet words of kindness and love. Those deep beautiful eyes, which threaten to drown anyone who dares gaze into them.

And the thought of a kiss, my Brandy, keeps me going while I’m stuck in this deathtrap that we call Iraq.

Two more months, my dear. Two more months and I'll be boarding a plane, flying straight into your loving arms. It is in that moment when we first touch that I will feel life flowing back into my veins, and I will remember why God has chosen us to be soul mates for the rest of our lives. Stay well, sweet Brandy. Soon enough I will be able to drink that intoxicating love that I call my Brandy.


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