You are probably wondering about this letter, but suddenly I felt a crazy need to confess how much I love you, how much you bring us together.

To love and to be loved by you is the best. With you I feel safe, happy and free knowing no matter what life path I choose you'll be there to encourage, support and protect me.

I remember the first time I saw you... something changed inside me that day. Then and there I knew - you are my friend, my love and that you'd be my partner on a love journey.

Yes, we've had our moments and some fights too; but we always worked them out, picked up the pieces of our broken hearts and moved on. In bad times we loved ourselves back to happiness,infused with trust, mutual respect, friendship and lots of mutual admiration for one another.

I sit here and wonder if you know how much you mean to me. Do you? Let me tell you anyway! I love you exactly the way you are, for your inner beauty, your good qualities, your faults, and for everything else that makes you just right for me... imperfections and all.

You are the warmth in my heart, the smiles on my face and hopes and dreams to be fulfilled. You are ... the best.


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