Medical Records Clerk Resume Cover Letter

The writer of the Medical Records Clerk Resume Cover Letter below admittedly has "zero" prior experience for the position. Still, she presents  a convincing letter that merits serious consideration for the job. 

Resume Cover Letter Medical Records Clerk

If you are interested in changing career paths, or applying for a job that you have little experience in you could learn a thing or two from this letter.  Perhaps the things that make up for lack of experience are the quality of her writing, clarity in which she tells her story,  ability to connect with the reader and adherence to the resume cover letter checklist. Here's the letter. Enjoy!

Dear Mrs. Clark,

I am writing in response to your posting on for a Records Clerk. Coincidentally, I also know Sally Johnson who works in Appointments with your company.

Please allow me to state up front that I do not have any previous experience in this field. However, I hope that you will look past this momentarily and continue reading.

Over the past several years I have poured all of my experience and education into the computer field. Computers are something I have always been comfortable with, so it seemed like a natural career choice. Unfortunately, for the past several years, I have found that I possess a very strong desire to get away from repairing computers. As I started to scope out a new career path, the first thing on my list was something in the medical office field. When I saw this position, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get my foot in the door!

While I may not have the experience you are seeking for this position, I’d like to tell you what I am able to offer. I work well as an individual or as a team.

I strongly believe in paying attention to detail; and I learn new things very quickly (this is a necessary skill for working in the computer field). I’m quite sure you won’t find another person who would be as excited and eager to learn as myself!

I am grateful for you taking the time to review my cover letter and resume and would very much appreciate an opportunity to speak with you in person about this position. Please feel free to contact me any time via phone or email.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Heather Jones

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