Men Like Valentine Day Roses, Too

by Michael
(Kampala/ Uganda)

Being the most celebrated love holiday in the world, Valentine’s Day not only rekindles that long lost love spark or special moment but also gets you remembering or thinking about all those you love.

Somehow for the last so many years flowers have been given out as gifts, or love gestures - especially the red roses.

In my case I am a 35 year old man and have dated a number of ladies in my time. I am used to the tradition of men giving out burkes of flowers, or just a simple rose alongside a gift of sorts to their loved one.

But I should say times have changed based on my last valentine experience. My lover unexpectedly turned the tables on me when we went out to a very special and lovely restaurant in the evening to dine out.

Later that evening after drinking a couple of wines and amidst the lovely music in the background,

I pulled my move and handed her flowers and gifts. She was totally pleased and happy to receive them.

Little did I know what was coming my way. She gave me a lovely burke of red roses and a gift as well.

Truthfully I thought it was going to be hard receiving flowers from her but I felt happy about it. Valentine’s day is indeed special as is the custom of giving Valentine Day Roses.

Lanard's Comments.
Guys - and ladies, too! Send your roses a day early and to the office where your loved one works. They'll enjoy the extra attention and it'll st up things for the next day.

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One Dozen Red Roses in Vase

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