Midnight Special!

by Shannon

My boyfriend and I

My boyfriend and I

It was Valentine’s Day of 2011; my boyfriend and I have been together for only 5 months at that time.

I knew he had been with another woman for a long time before me, so how could he possibly ever forget a day like that! Or maybe that's why they didn't work out!

We wake up that morning as we normally did, and nothing special. I decided to be nice and make an awesome all out breakfast, including eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and a pancake.

He did say thank you, but did not mention anything about our very first Valentine’s Day.

I had to work that evening so I knew that I wouldn't get to spend the entire day with him. I was already sad about that but also to think did he forget what today was? We spent what time we had together that day lying around watching television.

Finally, it was time to leave for work. I spent hours at work and all I could think about was my boyfriend and how he forgot.

Depression started setting as I listened to several other co-workers ramble on about their special Valentines Extravaganza!

By the time I got off work I knew he would already be asleep. I walk into the door and sure enough there he was snoozing on the couch. I felt as if I wanted to cry!

I decided to leave him there and go to bed myself. Maybe cry myself to sleep. I walked down the hallway, opened the bedroom door and could not believe my eyes!

The room was full of lite candles and rose petals on bed. Then I really began to cry!

My boyfriend tapped me on the shoulder and told me Happy Valentine’s Day baby! I love you!

I still wonder to this day if he did forget and just remembered late!

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