Missing You Forgive Me If You Can

Missing You: Forgive Me if You Can.   By  Alexandra; Milano,Italy

Missing You, Forgive Me If You Can.  From Sample Love Letters - By The Letter

My Love, if you only knew how much every minute without you hurts. My days are endless, my nights empty. The loneliness is my only friend these days. I am afraid to call you, so I will write this letter, but I cant never show it to you.

I close my eyes and keep remembering every little detail about you; your beautiful blue eyes, ohh...the way the used to looked at me. The day you proposed was the happiest day of my life. I would like to freeze that moment in time and live in it forever.

It fills my heart with joy. It's the only time I can feel happy, remembering I can only dream of the day when I will see you, touch you, or feel you again. Our lives went separate ways, but I always kept you close to my heart. I still have your engagement ring and I remember my promises.

I wish you could read these words and stop guessing my feelings.

I am too afraid to confess. After the stupid thing I did I do not deserve your love. I know you hate me now, life is so cruel sometimes, but I got what I deserved. The silence is my only friend...and the time I spent with you.

Forgive Me If You Can,
Love Alexandra

Missing You Forgive Me If You Can (Comments)

I Resemble Those Remarks!
by: Lanard

Have you ever done anything stupid in the name of love and begged and wanted forgiveness for it? I have...and on too many occasions to count.

Sometimes they were embarrassing things, but forgivable. Like the time when my lady looked too long at a band guy playing music on stage. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I got jealous and walked out. She had to come looking fr me to find me.

Yep...I acted irrationally and knew it, mostly because it was my idea to take her to see this band in the first. You see, I was a band guy too, and the group we went to see was our primary competition. They had the look, attitude and sound that my group aspired to have.

Part of the lesson learned was this: guys, don't take your ladies to candy store and think that they're not going to look at it...or worse yet, want what they see.

Still, I managed to act like a fool with little provocation. Now, looking back on it after many years I don't think I ever said I was sorry, or asked for forgiveness.  Is it too late? 

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