Missing You

by Isaac Campbell

I can't believe you're so far away now. Your laugh, your smile, and everything about you haunts me even in this moment.

It's strange really, it seems that no matter what I go through, wherever I am, you're somehow always on my mind.

It's impossible to forget someone like you. I wouldn't want to. You know how to captivate me, how to seduce me, how to bring out the best in me.

Without you, I feel broken, like a vital part of me is missing. I hope to see your beautiful face sometime soon, remind you of how much I love you.
Never forget that you mean the world to me.

With All My Heart & Soul,

Comment: Your letter makes the perfect seque to a song by John Waite titled "Missing You". So, whoever the lady in your life is send her to this link to enjoy it and if she thought you were smooth before, she'll think you're Casanova himself after listening to it...and will never leave you, unlike the lady did in the song. Enjoy!

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