My Best Friend And Brother

by Serafin Maldonado
(Naperville, IL, US)

Best Friend and Brother: Patsy - I'm not really sure where to begin, but let me start out by saying Christopher was like a brother to me.

I so loved him like one whether he realized it or not. When I got the call about what happened it didn't dawn on me that he wasn't coming back, that he was actually gone.

Chris was a great a guy, always made people laugh and feel comfortable in any surrounding. Everyone he knew he touched in some way or form, made them better people in my eyes and theirs. Sure, he could come off a little rough around the edges but that was just his way. Deep down though, he was a caring son, brother and friend that he'd show from time to time.

Just know that your son, my friend, my brother has had a huge impact on my life...and many others. We will always have a place for him in our heart and he shall never be forgotten.

I'm always here for you and Amanda - you know that. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

With my sympathy,
Serafin Maldonado Jr

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