My Bhoganvilla

My Dear Saneesh...I miss you - a lot. I want to be with you and hold you. I want to gently touch your face and cup your cheek in my hand as I look into your beautiful blue eyes. I want to snuggle and cuddle with you, to be close to you.

I want to sit on the couch and rub your leg as we talk of our feelings for one another. I want to hold your hand across the table at a restaurant. I want others in the restaurant to look longingly upon our intimacy and tender affection for one another.

I want to lay next to you in front of a fire and gaze into your eyes while I rub your back. I want to romance you. I want you to know how beautiful you are in my eyes and just know how much I cherish and adore you. I want to give my heart to you. I want your heart, I want it all.

I miss you so much,
With Love

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