My Big Red Roses With LOVE!

Another day for work. As I headed to work on Valentine’s day I was a little upset because It would have been nice to be off that day...but at least I was scheduled to get off before 6pm.

I was sitting at my desk when I got a call from the front desk. The operator said “Will you please come to the front desk we have something waiting for you.”

As I walked up to the front desk all kinds of thoughts were going through my head.

Hmmm what could it be? A letter of me getting fired? (NO).

Maybe something from my hubby!!! (YEAH).

So as I walked toward the front desk there it was! Big, Huge, Red, Bright Roses with a million balloons and a heart filled of candies.

The roses were something that I knew cost $$$$. I mean it was more than a dozen. I had always told my hubby to never buy me flowers of any kind because they just die anyways, but these Roses were so pretty!!

It was great because that day I said yes to marriage and its been a blessing everyday.

I will never forget those roses. I actually needed a little help carrying all the stuff (including my Big Red Roses ) back to my desk. It was Great!

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