My Darling Dearest

Darling, I've loved you since I first saw you 1n 1968. I had hoped that if we ever crossed each others path again, we would finally be together. But life has its disappointments. And people make life choices based on their experiences.

When I saw you again, I really wanted to embrace you. It felt as if we had never been apart. Your voice, your smile, your sense of humor had not changed although you had gotten shorter, or I taller. I was not sure how you were feeling about me. After all, I use to be a size 8, and was now a size 18.

My brown hair, now grey, and fine lines adorned my face. I also thought about our earlier years, and how I never believed you really loved me even though you did ask me to marry you on at least two occasions. You were too good to be true. How could you possible have wanted me?

I use to think about you over the years, even though I was happily married and had three beautiful children. I often thought of how my life would have been if I had made the choice that I wanted to make. The choice to be with you. How our children would look and how happy I would have been. Life does not always give one a second chance, and now I've made the same mistake twice.

To think that we could not revive our relationship because of religious difference is astounding. We can't be together because of different ideologies, beliefs and practices. I am sure you have been put on this earth for me.

Loving you after all these years,

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