My Darling

by Swati

My Dearest Darling; I am unable to explain my feelings after what happened yesterday by the waterside. The moon, so beautiful shining upon us, unveiled some kind of magic. The shining stars put us in a trance.

Together they enveloped us into a beautiful world; a world where I want to be forever...a world where fairies sing their sweet love songs and lovers are always together.

After what happened I am unable to bear even a second of my life without you. Please my darling love come to me again - tonight - and hold me in your strong arms.

I want to listen to the love songs again. I want to see our reflections shining in the water while you hold me. My love for you overflows and there is a glow about me that everyone is asking about.

My feelings are not controlling themselves. You must come and talk to my father soon. I can hardly wait to be with you every day and every night. I cannot go through the agony of being away from you and able to express my feelings all the time.

Please, please my darling, I beg of you to hurry things up and make me yours as soon as possible.
Yours forever and ever. Agony is separation, beautiful is reunion.

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Agony is Separation
by: Lanard

This is one of my favorite love letters on this site. The words evoke feelings so powerful you can almost see the passion and feel the love. I especially liked the last phrase; "agony is separation, beautiful is reunion." Thanks for sharing it.

One day I hope to write a romantic love letter as eloquent as this one.

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