My Happiness; My Love

by Anonymous

You, my dear are the love of my life. I can't believe fate has brought us together. Isn't it incredible that we both came from distant places and somehow managed to meet?

I'm so in love with you, and I just want you to know it. Everyday when we're together, I believe I'm having the best day of my life. Then the next day, it just gets better.

I've never known a feeling so strong, you're incredible. You make me feel whole, you eliminate all the problems we have to face. I want to be with you forever, I love you.

You make me happier than I've ever felt before. I used to think I knew true happiness, but I was wrong. You are my happiness. With you in my life, I am at peace with the world.

Thank you for all that you are, and for being with me.

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