My Little Desert Flower

by Franciso

The Beauty of These Flowers Pales in Comparison to You

The Beauty of These Flowers Pales in Comparison to You

My Dearest MaKala,

This letter may be a little strange for you when you start reading it, but all will be explained by the time you finish reading. My name is Francisco and I was on a trip recently and met you.

I'd driven over 400 miles that day and decided to get something to eat. I ended up at a restaurant in Van Horn, Texas called Papas.

I settled down to yet another breakfast on the road of mundane truck stop food. Then i saw you there picking up plates and my whole attitude changed about my job and my life. I then realized that every action I had taken in my life brought me to that place, date and time to see your mesmerizing beauty.

When I looked into your eyes I saw my soul. The warmth of your smile ignited my body as my heart raced faster and faster.

I had never tasted such great food; but I know it wasn't the was you!

Just being in the same room made my existence and for the first time I had proof that God really does exist. How did I know? How else could such a beautiful flower like you grow and bloom in a desert town such as Van Horn, Texas.

As I drove away I thanked the Lord for blessing me to have been in your presence. Then my joy turned into tears at the thought that I might not ever see you face again- much less woo and hold you in my arms.

I'd always thought that the raw emotions that I felt only happened in movies and on television. Now I know differently.

Still, my reality is that you probably will never read this letter and learn out about me. But just in case, I am the gentleman that gave you the $20 tip.

I couldn't find a mountain high enough to broadcast my feelings for you, so I am wrote this letter in hopes of sharing them with the world...and of course to you, too!

Will I ever see you again? I certainly hope so.

With Deep Affection,

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